Alaska Bodybuilding Fitness and Figure Hall of Fame

Historians; Tony Weaver & Lindsay Knight

Athletes that have won the overall Alaska or Anchorage Bodybuilding Championships are eligible for the Hall of Fame Page. Help us out, if you have won the Anchorage or Alaska Championships please send us your resume and photos and we will post them on our Hall of Fame page. Past winners are also eligible to purchase Championship Overall Rings please contact for details. 

Overall Winners

Alaska and Anchorage Overall Champions

1961-Ralph Cargo Men’s Alaska Overall
1968-Perry Hoag Men’s Alaska Overall
1980-Richard Reisman Men’s Alaska Overall
1981-Joe Dawson Alaska Overall, Emerald Cup, Mr. Seattle, Mr. Washington, US Armed Forces, Nationals Overall lightweight, USA Overall Lightweight competed in the Mr. Olympia in 1991.
1981-Pillow Women’s Alaska Overall,3rd USA Middleweight
1982-Rock Voight Anchorage Men’s Overall
1982-Mina O’Dell Women’s Overall
1982-Gene Bollig Alaska Men’s Overall
1982-Cindy Halock Alaska Women’s Overall
1983-Kevin Creeden Anchorage Men’s Overall
1983-Mina O’Dell Women’s Anchorage Overall
1983-Gerald Capizza Wade Alaska Men’s Overall
1983-Carol Davis Alaska Women’s Overall
1984- Don Monaco Men’s Overall Anchorage
1984-Shirley Whitmore Webster- Women’s Overall Anchorage
1984-Jeff Flucker Alaska Men’s Overall 
1984-Jill McMillan Women’s Overall
1985-Mike Curtin Alaska Men’s Overall

1986-Dan Leston Alaska Men’s Overall

1986-Tera Elder Miss Anchorage
1986-Pamela Vinson Alaska Women’s Overall
1987-Jeff LeJune Anchorage Men’s Overall
1987-Kevin Creeden Alaska Men’s Overall

1987-Tera Elder Miss Alaska Women's Overall
1988-Peter LaRue Alaska Men’s Overall
1988-Ruth Collins Alaska Women’s Overall

1988-Eugene Emerson Mr. Anchorage
1989-Al Wilson Alaska Men’s Overall
1989-Robin Budd Alaska Women’s Overall
1990-Eugene Emerson Alaska Men’s Overall

1990-Robin Hull Miss Alaska
1991-Duane Maney Anchorage Men’s  Overall
1991-Tom Wilson Alaska Men’s Overall
1992-Brion Hines Alaska Men’s Overall
1993-Vic Washington Alaska Men’s Overall        
1994-Martin Lloyd Alaska Men’s Overall
1995-Chris Cadieaux-Men’s Alaska Overall
1995-Robin Hull Alaska Women's Overall

1996-Jeff Bentz Men’s Alaska Overall
1997-Shawn Boisacq Men’s Anchorage Overall
1997-Michelle Little Anchorage Women's Overall
1997-Ron Broyles Men’s Alaska Overall

1997-Robin Hull Alaska Women's Overall
1998 Mike Dugan Men’s Alaska Overall
1999 Charlotte Campbell Alaska Women's Overall
1999-Mike Dugan Men’s Alaska Overall
1999-Frederick Jones Mr. Anchorage
2000-Matt Lowden Men’s Anchorage overall
2000-Shawn Boisacq Men’s Alaska Overall
2000-Lucita Ranon Toussant-Alaska Women's Overall
2001 Dan Shonen Men’s Anchorage Overall Winner
2001 Matt Lowden Men’s Alaska Overall Winner

2001 Aubrey Gaines Mr. Anchorage Overall Winner

2002 Aubrey Gaines Mr. Alaska

2002 Dan Shonen Mr. Anchorage

2002-Lisa Zehrung Mrs. Anchorage

2003 Dusty Farrow Mr. Anchorage
2003-Tina Briley Women’s Anchorage Overall
2003-Brian Walsh Jr. Men’s Alaska Overall Winner
2004-Mark Kenolio Men’s Anchorage Overall Winner
2004-Karen Patten Women’s Anchorage Overall figure     
2004-Karen Patten Women’s Alaska Overall Fitness,                                          
2005-James Hackett Men’s Anchorage Overall Winner
2005-Heidi Hegg/Hackett Women’s Anchorage Overall Winner
2005-Laura Boisacq Alaska Women's Overall
2005-Shawn Boisacq Men’s Alaska Overall
2006-Jeff Bonin Anchorage Men’s Overall Winner
2006-Mark Kenolio Alaska Men’s Overall Winner
2006-Mary Lyons Alaska Women’ Figure Overall
2006-La Verne King Women’s Overall Winner
2006-Stephanie Figrarelle Women’s Anchorage Overall Winner

2007-Craig Toth Pro Men Overall
2007-Tom Hussey Alaska Men's Overall
2007 Heather Huschle Alaska Women's Overall
2007-Sherry Smith Women's Figure Overall
2007-Tonya Hunt Women's Fitness Overall
2007-Craig Toth Anchorage Pro Division
2007-Chris Goepfert Anchorage Men's Overall
2007-Laura Boisacq Anchorage Women's Overall
2007-Pauline Mitchell Anchorage Figure Overall

2008-Wyatt Belanger Mr. Alaska

2008-Megan Doyle Miss Alaska

2008-Paline Mitchell Overall Figure

2008-Robert Green Pro Men Overall

2008-Joshua Braud Mr. Anchorage

2008-Pam Hanman Miss Anchorage

2008-Craig Toth Pro Men Overall

2009-Craig Toth- Pro Men Overall

2009-Matt Wonchala- Mr. Alaska

2009-Sonya Hamyar- Alaska's Overall Fitness

2009-Leah Sommer-Alaska's Overall Figure

2009-Darin Hagen- Mr. Anchorage

2009-Amy Vinson- Mrs. Anchorage

2009-Diane Singh- Anchorage Overall Figure

2009-Craig Toth-Anchorage Pro Men Overall

2009-Mr. Alaska Lindsay Knight

2010-Miss Alaska Valerie Wilde

2010-Craig Toth-Alaska State Overall Pro Men

2010-Joshua Braud-Alaska State Overall Men

2010-Amanda Keever-Overall Figure
2010-Robyn Ray-Overall Bikini

2010-Robert Green Pro Men Overall

2010- Shawn Wolfe Overall Men's Bodybuilding

2010-Melanie Redington Overall Women's Bodybuilding

2010-Dawn Toth Anchorage Women's Pro Figure

2010-Lissa Cristrano Women's Figure

2010-Amanda Keever-Women's Fitness

2010-Paulene Mitchell-Bikini

2011-Shawn Wolfe-Pro Men Overall Alaska and Anchorage

2011-Ian Leach-Overall Mr. Alaska

2011-Amy Vinson-Overall Mrs. Alaska

2011-Ann Wood-Overall Figure Alaska

2011-Steve Dunn-Overall Mr. Anchorage

2011-Melanie Reddington-Overall Ms. Anchorage

2012-Shawn Wolfe-Pro Men Overall Alaska

2012-Steve Dunn-Overall Mr. Alaska

2012-Jeanette Fuller-Overall Ms. Alaska

2012-Lanet Spence-Overall Fitness

2012-Steve Dunn-Overall Pro Men Mr. Anchorage

2012-Marvin Wilson-Overall Mr. Anchorage

2012-Lanet Spence-Overall Ms. Anchorage

2012-LaRita Fedocia Laktonen-Ward- Overall Bikini

2013-Mr. Alaska Pro Men Steve Dunn

2013-Mr. Alaska Bodybuilding Mitch Mitchell

2013-Miss Alaska Bodybuilding Jeanette Fuller

2013-Mr. Anchorage Pro Men Steve Dunn

2013-Mr. Anchorage Jake Parkes Men’s Physique

2013-Miss Anchorage Fitness Tammy Dunn

2013-Miss Anchorage Bikini Dee Hudson

2014-Mr. Alaska Pro Men Caine Daugherty

2014-Mr. Alaska Bodybuilding Jamyor Paul

2014-Miss Alaska Women’s Physique Jillian Landau

2014-Overall Miss Alaska Women’s Figure Amanda Keever

2014-Alaska Fitness Lanet Spence


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